Why you need to join our SOF running program

Running is an accessible form of exercise that the human body was designed to do. All it takes is chucking on some activewear, going outside and putting one foot in front of the other. It’s free, convenient and has huge health benefits. However there are still many people who refuse to run and think they are never going to be a runner.

The biggest limiting factor when it comes to running is not someone’s ability, but their mindset about it. As soon as you decide to at least try, your arms and legs will follow. You’ll suddenly realise that you were being slightly dramatic when you told people “I literally can’t run”. 

The problem is that people think when they go for a run, they have to run fast. However, you must allow yourself time to practice and enjoy yourself along the way if you want to adhere. If you put pressure on yourself every time you go for a run then it’s no wonder you don’t enjoy it.

After listening to feedback from our members and hosting a sell-out Running Mechanics Workshop, we realised there were a lot of people out there who were looking for help. That’s why we decided to launch the SOF running program at the start of this year.

Introduced by SOF Trainer and Exercise Scientist, Luke McLean, the running program is all about helping people of all fitness levels and ages improve their running ability. The program includes a mix of interval training, hill sessions and a social group run each week. We’ve seen a number of clients regularly showing up to all three sessions and we’re starting to see exciting improvements across the board.

One of our members that has stood out to our team in particular is Izzie Kalaja. 

Izzie originally completed a 3-month training block with Emma Sanelli, (another trainer here at SOF), and after attending a few classes, decided it was time to become a fully fledged member in December last year. 

After setting the goal to run a half-marathon, Izzie has become hooked on running and is a regular attendee at all of our running classes. We sat down with Izzie to hear how Luke’s running program is going for her and learn why she’s so driven to succeed, check all the details out below.


Q: What made you decide to join up at SOF?

A: When you added in running sessions to your already thriving schedule, it just made total sense to join. There’s so much you can do between HQ and Platinum, it’s definitely a no-brainer for anyone looking to up their health and fitness regime.


Q: Why do you love running and what keeps you coming back to our running classes?

A: Beyond the cliche answers ‘to keep fit’ and ‘it’s meditative’, going outside is a big one for me. I work at a desk-job and I am a post-grad student so I’m inside all of the time. Getting outside is just so lovely and for an activity like running - you can do it whenever you want. 

Secondly, I love the community. The running classes at SOF are so much fun, the coffee afterwards is a delicious reward and the Saturday group run is always a good way to start the morning.


Q: How is the SOF running program experience going for you?

Jumping into Luke’s sessions has been great, he goes through so much technical work that I was never aware of. You get such a great foundation from Luke. When I am out on my own runs I remember all the cues he gives, in terms of things like posture and body positioning. You don’t get the education you need out of apps like couch to 5k. Having a trainer there to guide you makes a huge difference.


Q: Have you noticed an improvement in your running ability since joining our classes?

I definitely feel faster. A couple Saturday’s back, my friend Jazzi and I were trying to go for a sub 25 minute 5km run and we hit the pace we needed. I’ve never achieved that before.

It’s also noticeable when I go out for my own runs throughout the week , I don’t feel like I’m dying and I feel more confident about what I am doing. For example, if I want to go faster and get a specific time, or take it back a notch and enjoy it, I know how to pace myself and handle my body better.


Q: What are your future goals with running?

A: I would love to run a half-marathon again this year, but I am also doing the RACQ fun run and I will throw in some occasional 10km’s. If I keep consistent with my running this year, I’d love to eventually get out on the trails and challenge myself in new ways.


Q: Any advice to any newcomers who feel nervous to come along to our running classes?

A: Just book-in. It’s one click on Mindbody. Luke is great and everyone is very welcoming. It’s such a good time and the classes are so adaptable to any level. At the very least come for the coffee!


If you want to follow Izzie’s footsteps and improve your running this year, we have got you covered. Email us now - to join our classes and discover that you were a runner all along, you just needed to start.


Our Saturday group run is FREE for anyone to attend, just arrive at HQ 6am Saturday and get one of our friendly staff to check you in.


Happy running!