Why you need to breathe better to feel better

Whenever something is going wrong, or you're about to do something that scares you, the go-to phrase to help you overcome the challenge is "just take a deep breath".


It's something we are doing 22,000 times a day, yet most people are unaware of how using their breath can majorly influence their body (positively or negatively).


Breathwork is a popular and trending topic, but there is often a misunderstanding about why it is such an effective practice. It is sold as the next best thing but not many people can actually explain the science behind why it is so influential and potentially so valuable. Our job is to make sure you understand the science. 


Taking a breath isn’t just about getting oxygen in the system. It has a much deeper purpose for our body including neurological, psychological and physiological influences that can determine how well we feel and how well we live.



To help people understand a bit more about breathing and our upcoming workshop, we sat down with one of our SOF members Jess, who shared her experience from our last breathing workshop series we held earlier in the year. 


Q: What was your experience and knowledge on breathing prior to doing the last workshop we held?

A: I didn’t think there was much to know about breathing. I thought of breathing as something that is solely automatic, and not really something we had much control over. I knew that my own breathing quality was compromised but didn’t think it was something I was able to change.


Q: Describe how you were feeling going into this workshop?

A: I was expecting something pretty surface level, or more of what I’d done in a one on one session with Kieran previously. I actually felt pretty confident that I wasn't going to learn anything that I hadn’t already. I certainly couldn’t comprehend the impact of what I was about to learn.


Q: What was the experience like during the workshop?

A: The experience was incredible. Some of the techniques and exercises that Kieran showed us felt weird and wild. We were shown how by manipulating and consciously controlling our breath we were able to directly impact the state of our nervous system. That was a huge game changer for me personally, and so I found myself experiencing so many different emotions throughout the workshop. I feel like those of us that committed ourselves to the four sessions went through a bit of a journey together, and I love that we were able to share that experience.


Q: How did you feel after the workshop?

A: After the workshop I kind of felt like I'd had a bit of a light bulb moment. I was able to understand a lot more about the role that my breathing had in my overall health, and I went on to learn a lot more about breathwork and it continues to play a role in managing my health.


Q: What did the workshop teach you about your health?

A: The workshop helped me understand that the nervous system rules everything we do. From managing stress and anxiety, to managing pain and sleeping better. Learning that we can manage our nervous system responses (going from stress state to a rest/digest state) through controlled breathing exercises was a breakthrough moment.


Q: What impact has the workshop had on your life now?

A: The workshop gave me a lot of insight into my health, and it gave me a lot of tools and resources. It feels really empowering to have these additional tools to be able to take charge of your health. It gave me a space to understand what was really happening in my body, by giving myself a chance to slow down and be still and present. It ended up being the catalyst for making some huge strides in my health and well-being.


Q: What would you say to anyone who has never practiced breathing before and is feeling sceptical about its benefits?

A: Breathwork isn’t a new concept; it’s been practiced for centuries, and science is now showing hard evidence for how controlled conscious breathing can have positive impacts on our health. You can eat well and exercise everyday, but it’s fruitless if you don’t look after your nervous system, and one of the best ways of looking after your nervous system is by learning to breathe properly. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in your health.


If you’d like to come along to our Breathing Workshop and learn how you can function at your best by simply using better breathing, then round up a buddy and grab your tickets here. Two hours of your time for a lifetime reward!