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What SOF does that other gyms don't

As some of you know, Science of Fitness started from humble beginnings. Many years ago, the business begun as a weekend park bootcamp. Fast forward to now and our growth has skyrocketed, which is a credit to all of our wonderful members and staff.


Trying to make a drop in the ocean in an already saturated market, we worked hard to evolve into something more than the standard bootcamp or 'HIIT' style gym, which can be seen at just about every corner in 2022. We are striving to be leaders in the industry and are passionate about wanting to change lives for the better. 


We now have two facilities, our 'boutique' style Platinum studio in Woolloongabba and our 'warehouse' style HQ in West End. With almost 20 gyms on Montague road alone, you can be forgiven for not knowing which one will be the right fit for you.


So, you might be asking yourself, how are we different from any other gym out there?


Diversity of service


Well, first and foremost, the variety we offer ensures that there's something for everyone. With an offering of 81 classes per week, we have many options of both high and low intensity - the “yin and yang” of fitness - that transform us into a one-stop shop for all your training needs.


Want to lift heavy? Try Strength at HQ with our periodised program. Instead of writing random sessions each day, our 4 week blocks allow us an opportunity to refine technique and build on certain movements, while applying the principles of progressive overload. Testing every 12 weeks ensures we have quantitative data to track our progress (particularly with the addition of advanced equipment like our force plates and dynamometer). Now we know that this may be intimidating for some, particularly those who are new to exercise. Your level/experience is irrelevant to us though, as we cater to any level. If you're new to strength training and want to dip your toes in, our Move or Pilates class is a perfect place to start your strength journey.


If you want to work on your fitness and build aerobic capacity, our Conditioning and Primal classes will push you past your comfort zone to get the most out of you. Alternatively, try our Strength and Conditioning class to get a mixture of both, hitting two birds with one stone to develop well-rounded physical qualities. 


If you're feeling stressed, worn out, or tired from pushing yourself in your training, then we have the perfect antidote. Slow things down and calm the nervous system with some of our down-regulation work, such as Yoga and our new Breathing class.


Are you a competitive runner? Or do you just want to start running? Our Run class is a perfect place for you to learn to run more efficiently and improve your times. Again, periodised programming and planning ensures we are tracking our progression with a mixture of interval, steady state and hill work. If you're a weekend warrior looking to tick a few km's off with your mates and have a coffee afterwards, head to our weekly Social Saturday Run Club to get your fix! If you’re not into running but still want to do something social on your Saturday morning, then roll on into our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class for a fun and challenging experience. If you like to get hands-on and try something new, this will get you out of your comfort zone to learn new skills and apply them with a bit of competitive flame.


Age is also no barrier here at SOF. If you're at school and want to build healthy habits and confidence in the gym, then our new Youth Development class would be a great fit for you. If you're a bit older (we prefer the term wiser) and maybe intimidated by all the 'young gym' high intensity classes out there, then try our Fit Over 50's class. This is something we're very proud to offer and are continuing to build, as it shouldn't matter what age you start (or continue) to exercise. Maintaining healthy habits into your later years to improve bone density, mobility and mental health should always be a priority.


Perhaps you're someone who prefers the 1-1 personalised experience. With attention to detail, immediate feedback and individually tailored sessions, our Personal Training sessions would be an excellent place to start.


Do you struggle with a chronic illness or disability? We have Exercise Physiology specialists that offer 1-1 sessions (medicare subsidised), to help you become your healthiest you.


If you're an athlete looking for sports-specific programming, we have experienced Strength and  Conditioning coaches working with both Ashgrove GPS and UQ Rugby Clubs, The Gap Soccer Club, Stuartholme Rowing and many individual performance athletes to give them that competitive edge in their sport. 


Holistic approach


Keeping in sync with our variety of class offerings, our holistic approach to training and well-being doesn't stop there. We understand that health and fitness exists on a spectrum that does not rely solely on physical capabilities. The inclusion of offering consultations with our resident Provisional Psychologist (Emma) has been a real asset for us, seeing as emotional/mental health is a massive part of overall well-being.


Working alongside Allsports Physiotherapy upstairs has also been very beneficial for both parties. This allows us to bridge the gap of communication from Physiotherapist to Trainer, with many clients continuing their journey from rehab into full health and performance.


Internship program 


To date, we have had just over 200 interns complete an internship program with us through their relevant tertiary education provider, predominantly with students studying a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science, Clinical Exercise Physiology or Diploma in Fitness (Cert III + IV). Not only that, we have accommodated countless work experience practicum hours through school, TAFE and ASCA accreditation. Ongoing education within this program is helping raise the standard of the entire industry, as these interns permeate through the industry and into the workplace, taking their learnings and experience with them.


We are proud to say that nine of our current staff were former interns at SOF and completed over eight weeks of placement with us through their university degree. It has been a privilege to pave a career path for individuals who are committed to adding their value to the health and fitness industry and build such a solid, unified and hard-working team.


So, what are you waiting for?


Look, we could go on… This is not just a self-glorifying pat on the back for us. We are genuinely working so hard to improve every year and become leaders in the industry. 


With more growth and exciting things to come, there's no better time to pop in and see what we're all about. Take the guesswork out of your training and health and come and embark on a journey that can change your life! 


For more information or to kickstart your free week trial email info@scienceoffitness.com.au