The SOF app - Why?

As most of you would probably have seen, we recently launched our very own Science Of Fitness App.

Some of you may be wondering if this was a knee jerk reaction as a result of COVID-19 and the influence it has had on our industry, or if it was something we actually planned.

The answer is yes - to both.

We have considered providing online options for our services for a little while now.  Coronavirus came along and held a gun to our head to ensure that we got around to it – and with a little more haste than we had initially planned.

The next issue for us came to what do we provide on our app?

We don’t want to be another fitness or training app - Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the Instagram influencer world appear to have that covered.

That left us thinking, “what is it we provide that’s different?”

Our answer is education.

We specialise in teaching people the art and science (who’d have thought) behind health, movement and exercise, not just counting reps or shouting to try and motivate people (we can do that bloody well in case you’re wondering).

Our clients range from elite athletes to people with disabilities, from old to young and anything in between and our intention is always the same – teach people, don’t just train them. After all, give a man a fish he’ll eat for the day, teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for life (yeah we went there, don’t hate us).

So, how have we transferred this over to an app?

Well, the first thing you will see is our weekly education videos.

The topics range from how to improve and enhance your training, to rehabilitation, as well as the tips and tricks involved in developing more skills and improving the way you move.

You’ll see that a few of our programs/workouts on the app don’t have reps or sets assigned to them as they are more about learning new pieces to add to your training puzzle.

If you are after specific training programs online, we prefer to do that in person or via Zoom, so we can tailor it specifically to you – and trust us, we have had enough practice over the past few weeks. Best bit is you can have your own training program within your app and apply all the other features accordingly.

Speaking of features, one of our favourites is the ability to track your training. We are big fans of managing load, applying periodisation and measuring results – the app allows both us and you to do that more specifically and regularly, ensuring nothing gets missed and helping you improve.

Track your wellness. One of the most important things that gets lost amongst all the noise of training and exercise regimes is how you are actually feeling. Not the type of “How ya going?” feeling, more the fatigue or energetic, depressed or stressed type of feeling.

These feelings are NOT separate from your training. In fact, they have a big influence on your training and health just as your training and health has a big influence on them.

Tracking these factors of life on a daily basis will give you the ability to turn around and assess yourself on a macro level. This allows you to have a better understanding of yourself which then allows you to make a heap of educated decisions about your lifestyle and training.

As mentioned before, if you are after a sets and reps type of training program, we can definitely provide this through the app, for anyone and anywhere in the world.

What’s more, we can use the same recorded tracking to help make recommendations about the effectiveness of our programs. Health and fitness is not just about training, it’s about the holistic considerations of all the elements of life – particularly regarding how you feel.

Finally, for those of you that haven’t been able to train with us, we are going to be publishing all our Group Fitness Strength and Strength and Conditioning programs on the app so no matter where in the world you are you can have access to them. We are also working on a video library in which you can look up 200 plus exercises.

We are hoping that the SOF app provides as close to an in-house experience as you can get. We are passionate about what we do and we are stoked to be able to provide it on a global scale.

So, if you have downloaded it,  thank you and we look forward to getting stuck into the good work.

If you haven’t downloaded it hit this link and jump on board – it’ll be the best thing you’ve done this year.