Testing week


Last week, we put our members through their paces in our testing week. It covered all things strength and conditioning.

We found ourselves answering the question “Why are we doing this?” a fair bit.

Here’s our answer: When it comes to training, consider two things – are you making progress and if so, how do you know?

For us, science is the basis upon which we try to make all our decisions with regards to what we make our members do - hence the name.

A classic scientific experiment follows test, experiment and then test again.

With regard to this, we feel the need to determine the effectiveness of the “experiment” that is our training programs.

At SOF, we do not take before and after photos, measure weight or body fat because we can’t control how many beers, pies or hot chips with cheese and gravy our members have when not with us.

What we can control, is what people do when with us.

We like to find out:

•    If we are making people stronger (can they lift heavier stuff).

•    If we are improving people’s conditioning (aerobically and anaerobically)

•    Objective DATA of the effectiveness of our training programs – yes we are using the fad word DATA, (it’s 2019 keep up folks).

•    Are our members getting the progress they wanted?

By testing you, we will get an idea if all the training is actually doing anything.

If you’re not measuring yourself, how do you know it’s working? If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

It helps us drop the ego and start gives us all honest information about the effectiveness of training.

It’ll help us move you in a direction you want to head.



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