SOF app

The SOF app takes the knowledge of the highly skilled and experienced SOF team and puts it in your hands. As a user you become a part of the SOF community.

Within the app you get access to education programs, weekly workouts, the SOF group fitness programs and your own personal wellness tracking. The app is perfect for people that are looking for more guidance and programming with their training as well as those hoping to gain a deeper understanding of their body.

The SOF app is free to all Science Of FItness Members and only $5/week to non members.

How to download

1 Download the SOF app from the App Store or Google Play.
2 Fill in the required information.
3 Under the “Team Code” section, all non-members are to use the code SOF-ONLINE.
4 SOF members should speak to a staff member about access to the code.

Track, train and learn with the SOF App.