Sacrifice & satisfaction

Have you been lying to yourself?

When it comes to habit, consider the theme of sacrifice/satisfaction.
Sacrifice a night out and wake up early feeling fresh for the next day.
Have a big night out and sacrifice the next morning/day (pending age).
Over a short term, it’s obvious.
Over a long term, it’s less obvious - but time certainly increases the magnitude..

The lady who sacrificed her Europe trip in her early twenties has the satisfaction of putting a deposit down on a house before she is 30.
The doctor who sacrificed years of study now enjoys the satisfaction of a massive salary doing something he is passionate about.
The list goes on.
And yes, with health and fitness, the sacrifice/satisfaction scale is no different both in the short and long term.
What I am getting at is you know, deep down, if you have been lying to yourself.

For a large number of people conceptualising the fact of getting up 90minutes earlier, getting to the gym and getting uncomfortable for an hour is unfathomable.

How about having a long 9 hour day at work, then taking a detour to the gym, chasing a state of discomfort for an hour, before you head home to the comfort of dinner, the couch and bed.

Seems like a lot of sacrifice - and it is.
But what follows might make it worth it.

The satisfaction of endorphins hitting after training.
The satisfaction of being able to achieve a movement that you couldn’t 6 weeks ago.
The satisfaction of not being injured and feeling strong.
The simple long term satisfaction of having good health.

At some point you are going to have one then the other - maybe just question which way your scale has been tipped lately (or the last few years) -  satisfaction first or sacrifice first?
You’ll know the answer and it’s simple enough to change.


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