Running Mechanics Wrap-Up


On Saturday 13 November, more than 60 people decided to come along to SOF to learn how they can be better and faster when it comes to running.


Delivered by our Co-Director and Exercise Scientist, Kieran Maguire, the workshop demonstrated how running faster is not about how much cushioning your shoes have or the compression of your shorts. It comes down to the basics of your body, which is also known as your mechanics.


Firstly, if you go for a run without a proper warm-up, the muscles you rely on for your run will still be asleep. Think about what it’s like trying to do something first thing in the morning when you’re tired and haven’t had a coffee - you probably aren’t going to perform the task to the best of your ability. The same thing applies to your body. It needs to be activated before it gets to work.


In this interactive workshop, Kieran went through a series of exercises and drills that people can use prior to a run to correctly prepare their body. Some of the most experienced runners at this workshop were amazed by what they discovered as they started to tune in and listen to what their body was doing below the surface. Avid runner Britt Lowe, came away from the workshop with new perspectives on human movement.


“I learn that our body works in synergy and each body part is interconnected to a larger system. The way we move, hold our bodies in place and contract certain muscles is critical to improve the way we run.


“I can’t wait to apply what I learnt at the workshop into my training in order to improve my pain points and increase the distance and speed that my body is capable of achieving,” said Britt.


The workshop was a huge success, and following the interest we have decided to implement a 6-week running program. Beginning tomorrow with our Exercise Scientist Luke, we are implementing two running sessions a week, completely customised to your ability.


Tuesday morning will be a mechanics focused session on the field and Thursday morning will be hill running at Sankey Street. This will expose you to the necessary stimulus to improve both your mechanics and speed. These sessions are free for members and newcomers who sign-up will have access to 1X 30 minute personal training session each week, allowing for individualisation specific to areas that you want and need to improve in. The program will finish just before Christmas, giving you the perfect preparation to enter 2022 primed and ready to run.


During the program we will also make use of our in-house technology to track your data along the way, such as our force plates. This will give us an objective understanding of your movement and performance, and show how your body progresses, in both strength and form.


For more information on the program or support with your running journey, you can email Kieran at

Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop on Saturday - we hope you all feel inspired to run and more confident in your ability.

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