Personal & small
group training

Science Of Fitness personal training prioritises 3 things; genuine relationships, educational service and long term outcomes. Our personal training services are perfect for people who may be nervous to start, carrying or returning from injury, lacking confidence and looking for guidance to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Personal training

Effective personal training requires detailed guidance, education and support to help a client achieve their desired outcomes.

Our specialised personal training service is one of the highest quality available in Australia and we take great pride in helping people of all ages and abilities improve their life through our personal training programs.


Returning from injury can be a daunting and frustrating process. At SOF, our trainers work with our in-house physiotherapists and allied health practitioners to ensure you can return to full health and reduce the risk of re-injury with smart rehabilitation programs focusing on strength and movement quality.

Our main focus is to fill the gap post diagnosis and treatment from a health professional to returning back to normal stronger and more confident than ever.

Be it an acute sporting injury or chronic issue that just can’t seem to be resolved, our hands on and interactive approach has proven to be effective in relieving people of pain and improving quality of life when it comes to injury and rehabilitation.

Small group training

Small group training is available for groups of 2 to 4 people at both SOF and SOF Platinum facilities. It is the perfect place to train if you and a friend are working toward a common goal. Small group training is both time and cost effective but still allows for individualised attention from our specialist staff.

Pricing & how to book
Initial Screening

$99 60min

  • Mandatory
1:1 Personal Training

$77* 60min

  • Pay for 10 upfront & get your 11th session free!
  • *Personal training ranges from $77-$99 depending on trainer.
Small Group (2:1)

$50 /pp 60min

Small Group (3:1)

$45 /pp 60min

  • Pay for 10 upfront & get your 11th session free!
Small Group (4:1)

$40 /pp 60min

Get in touch to arrange an initial screening.
Get in touch to arrange an initial screening.