Meet inspiration: Ann’s story

Overcoming viral fatigue and getting healthy over 50

Just 18-months ago, Ann was referred to SOF by her dietician (Dorelle Thompson) to help with weight management and the effects of post viral fatigue. Ann was slightly hesitant to get started, having not really done much resistance training or gym based exercise before. She also had the preconceived idea that the gym was only suitable for fit, healthy and young people.


Determined to improve her health, Ann decided to ignore her doubts and give it a go. Ann booked in for 2-sessions per week with our Exercise Physiologist Frankie, who as an EP, delivers safe and effective exercise intervention strategies to assist people in the management of a variety of medical conditions. Frankie recognised the opportunity she had to not only help Ann improve her quality of life, but also to provide education to Ann about what she can do to help her manage her condition moving forward.


After her first session with Frankie, Ann realised how much the health industry has progressed and that there is more depth on offer in an Exercise Physiology session, rather than just a quick sweat. “One session, something happened in my body and it is as if something cleared out and I could move again,” said Ann.


“Conceptually it felt as though before I just couldn’t get anything to move at all, and then suddenly it was as if I had had a grease and oil change and my muscles were working again.” 


At SOF, we provide clients with a personable, informative and high quality service that can transform an individual’s health across all facets of their life. Not only was Ann keen to learn how to exercise properly, but she also wanted to understand how she could progress her overall health with education around recovery, breathing, stress, the positive uses of wearable fitness trackers, training around menopause and much more. Frankie was able to answer all her questions and guide her in the right direction on her health journey.


Ann found that she was discovering things about her body all the time, and quickly developed an understanding of how she could support herself better on an everyday basis. A couple of home exercises allowed her to regain her shoulder movement which she thought she had lost as a natural effect of aging. Ann also improved her balance and execution of different movements through attention to detail on stance positions and body awareness.  As she gradually improved her strength, she said goodbye to niggling hip pain and felt more confident in her body's ability.


Ann was consistent with her sessions and her homework and quickly went from struggling to get through a day without a nap, to walking daily, completing 2-3 strength training sessions per week, working part time and studying. Soon, Ann felt knowledgeable and comfortable enough to move onto our group fitness program – starting at Fit Over 50’s, then quickly progressing to a holistic weekly regime of Move, Pilates and Yoga. Ann has even been spotted training at our West End facility independently.


When asked about her new lifestyle, Ann gave credit to SOF for helping her overcome her fears of exercise due to her age and condition. “I think SOF really are embracing the new expanded lifespan of Australians, and throwing out a challenge to us all to redefine societal definition of the over 50s,” said Ann.


Ann encapsulates the SOF experience and represents our vision of how we want to help people change their life. She has, without knowing, become an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you make a commitment to understand your body and work with it, rather than against it.


Ann - you have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing what more you can achieve across your journey at SOF, thank you for being a highly valued member of our community.