Fit over 50s - healthier, happier and older.

Short and sweet today folks. 


In the last year we have started delivering our Fit over 50s group fitness class. 

In that time it has moved from a humble two sessions a week with three or four participants in it, to now being offered five times a week with three sessions fully booked out per week – yeah we’re thrilled about it.


There are two main reasons we wanted to offer the session:


1. It is based on some hard (and concerning) science. 

Now we can harp on about all the figures about the cost health and an ageing population is going to have on Australia, or we can knuckle down and start to do something about it.

Just the simple stat that exercise reduces falls in the elderly by 25% can be found in this study.

Falls are directly associated with lower health-related quality of life and life satisfaction. This was proven over a longitudinal study involving 1300 subjects between the ages of 60-93. More information on this study can be found here.


2. Because we can. 

The health and fitness industry is saturated with big gyms selling to the young fit and healthy populations promising “even more happiness and results” than the last spot. Well for us, health, fitness and wellness doesn’t discriminate. 

We enjoy creating an environment in which people can come and interact without judgement. They can strive towards a common goal and they can enjoy themselves along the way. All this, irrespective of age or ability. Our team is highly educated, qualified and experienced and it’d be a waste if we made ourselves exclusive to just the young and fit. 


So if you are over 50, looking for a place to start and you feel somewhat intimidated by our industry, why not give us a shout – science says it’ll make you happier right?