Corporate training

The evidence behind chronic disease and its effect on Australian businesses is alarming. Our programs are designed to help train and educate your staff about simple exercise modalities to help improve healthy posture and reduce the symptoms of back pain, arthritis, fatigue and metabolic disorders. From an organisational point of view, there is the added benefit of reduced stress, improved staff well-being and increased job satisfaction.

The SOF corporate training programs are customisable and flexible. Our services are offered in house at both our facilities, on your company's site or online. Our services range from groups to individuals.

Group & Personal Training

At SOF we specialise in group fitness, it is the most cost efficient, social and effective way to exercise. Strip back the typical hierarchy found in an office and let your team enjoy working together toward feeling fitter and healthier. Our group training sessions are customisable and can include specific strength and injury prevention, conditioning and fat loss or a combination of all the crucial principals to improving an individual's health. If you are hoping to improve employee relationships, group fitness is one of the best solutions to do so.

Health & Wellness Seminars

We design seminars that provide solutions to the health and wellness challenges you want to address in your workplace. Our team of exercise scientists, physiologists and physiotherapists are available to educate you and your staff on the latest research available when it comes to individual and corporate wellness. We take an interactive and educational approach to offer an entertaining alternative to what is typical in corporate wellness.

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and pilates are valuable additions to any health and wellness program. Our experienced and highly qualified team of physiotherapists and instructors provide high quality and effective yoga and/or pilates programs tailored specific to what may suit your company.

Stress & Pain Management

Through this service, your employees will gain insight into how they can manage their stress and pain levels through measurable and meaningful data/analytics. We achieve this by using some of the latest exercise science technology available.