Back pain - Here's 3 things you can do to prevent it

Researchers from The George Institute of Global Health, estimate 80 per cent of Australians experience lower back pain during their lives, with at least 10 percent of people experiencing significant disability.

When you consider the cost to you, the health care sector, your employer or your business, back pain can be debilitating to your body, your wallet and your life!

Read here to see just how much it costs the Australian economy each year.

Additionally, research suggests that the overuse of imaging, opioids and surgery remains a widespread problem…

So knowing all this, what can we do about it?

Well, our solution does come with a bias, but we are pretty confident in it.

1.     Learn to recruit your muscles

Isolated muscle control is not as easy as you think.

We all know how to flex our biceps – but what about contracting your glutes, your mid traps or your lumbar extensors?

Unfortunately most of us don’t even know what those muscles are let alone how to contract them on demand.

Why is this important?

Well if you can contract a muscle consciously, that muscle will generally be able to contract subconsciously which is pretty important for generating correct movement without causing unnecessary stress on certain joints.

 Where can you learn to do this?

Pilates is your answer. 

2.     Get strong

Now that you know how to contract your muscles in isolation – the next best step is to learn to use those muscles in unison to generate force.

How might you do this?

Lift weights and move.

Avoid getting stuck in one plane of motion. Squat, crawl, hang, pull, jump, land and concentrate.

Move deliberately and do it often.

A strong body is a healthy body.

3.     Never Stop

Unfortunately, keeping your body strong and healthy doesn’t end.

There is no magic destination in which you don’t have to do anything anymore.

Rather, consider it along the lines of good quality sleep and a healthy diet. If you don’t make the time for these pillars of a healthy life, it’ll probably catch up with you at some point.

Stuck for a solution?

Well, look no further than our Back Pain Management Program.

Back pain doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your life – you just have to make time for your body in order to do so.



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