The philosophy

At Science of Fitness (SOF), we have a passion for movement. We employ an evidence-based approach to ensure you can become the healthiest version of you and change your life for the better.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality exercise service. Our team is made up of exercise scientists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches with decades of experience.

In addition to this, we ensure that everyone at SOF becomes a part of our community. Adherence is the most important part of a fitness program - being a part of a team and having fun whilst you train makes turning up that much easier. This is a very important part of who we are.

Regardless of where you are - whether you are a beginner, training or recovering from injury, a fitness fanatic or an elite athlete - we provide services that will make you fitter, healthier and better.

The team

We have a highly qualified and experienced team that are willing to go the extra mile in assisting you with your health and fitness. It is a minimum standard that our staff have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent and take a range of factors into consideration when it comes to designing programs for individuals and groups.

It is a part of our culture to ensure people feel comfortable and welcome in the SOF environment and it is our team's responsibility to ensure you do so. Exercise is no longer about what you look like or how great your training numbers are. We take into consideration as many of the variable factors in regards to effective exercise programming, including; psychology, biomechanics, physiology, lifestyle, rehabilitation, injury prevention, posture, movement efficiency, sport and activity specific training.

Exercise is a tool that should be used to enhance life and our team are specialists at teaching you how to implement exercise effectively.

The facilities


SOF HQ in West End (282 Montague Road) is the big brother of our two facilities. It is the place for hard work, sweat and quality outcomes. It is a place where you will meet people and be challenged to improve.

A loft style training space with physio and massage rooms, showers, change room facilities and state of the art testing equipment. Our HQ is suited for both athletes and those who are eager to get stronger and fitter than they ever have before. You will find our lifting racks, free weights, conditioning machines and other resources to assist your training. It is an enjoyable place of hard work.


SOF Platinum

Our Platinum studio in Woolloongabba (17 Gibbon street) is the sister studio to HQ. It offers a more stripped back and boutique experience from the moment you step into the facility.

The modern and minimalist environment is more conducive to beginner and rehabilitative strength work. In this space we offer our yoga, pilates and gymnastics-style training programs as it allows us to facilitate the intricacies of such practices. Platinum is more suited towards those who prefer a quieter, more intimate environment in which to train and improve. It is a specialty space of comfort and learning.